Anthony Davies

Executive Chairman, Dark Horse Consulting

Dr Anthony Davies spent the last two decades working the biotech industry, mostly in California and mostly in the fields of cell therapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine.  Last year Dr Davies incorporated Dark Horse Consulting, Inc. which seeks to serve these and related fields.  The practice primarily focus on process, analytical and manufacturing issues, but frequently solve problems in allied areas such as project/program management, quality systems, regulatory affairs, drug distribution and contractor oversight.  Dark Horse also has deep expertise in ‘classical’ monoclonal antibody development and more complex biologicals such as radio-labelled and otherwise conjugated products.

Cell & Gene Therapy Enabling Innovations

The Golden Gate Club

In order for cell and gene therapeutics to be accessible, reliable enabling technologies and processes need to be established. Harvesting, manufacturing, sorting, banking, and delivering of cells, for example, are crucial steps in realizing regenerative medicine, as well as in reducing the costs of care. This session will showcase some of the innovative products and […]