Colin Carpenter

CEO, Siris Medical

Working at the interface of engineering and medicine, Colin Carpenter is committed to medical device innovation with experience leading teams in developing solutions to diagnose and treat cancer.

Since co-founding Siris Medical in 2013 he has served as its CEO, commercially introducing the first treatment decision support system for radiation oncology using artificial intelligence. This platform enables clinicians to determine the best course of treatment by leveraging knowledge from past success. Siris has been recognized for innovation, winning an award at the ESTRO 2017 conference, an invitation to the Green Journal, and a UCSF/Rosenman Innovator award.

While training in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Stanford, he co-founded a company to commercialize a brachytherapy product line for GI cancer, sold by Varian Medical Systems (VMS). He also helped create the first oncology surgical guidance system using light emitted from the uptake of radiotracers in tumor tissue.  Dr. Carpenter is a contributor to over 100 technical and medical publications and is an alumnus of Stanford Biodesign.  He received a BA in Physics from CU-Boulder and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Dartmouth.

My Sessions

Panel Discussion: Precision Medicine – The Power of Data

The Golden Gate Club