David J. Brailer

Managing Partner, Health Evolution; Board Member, Walgreens Co.

David Brailer is known around the world for his leadership, vision and advocacy for health information technology. From assembling his first computer in high school, to publishing research on expert systems in medical school, to founding and investing in leading health IT companies, Dr. Brailer has devoted his career to transforming health care with information technology.

Dr. Brailer was appointed by President George W. Bush as the nation’s first ‘Health Information Technology Czar’. In this role, he developed the nation’s strategy for electronic records, information sharing, consumer empowerment and transformation of research and public health. His efforts set the foundation for the rapid adoption of information tools and the digital health explosion that are underway today.

Dr. Brailer grew up in a small town in rural West Virginia where his family has lived since 1840. He trained as a physician and specialized in infectious disease, treating AIDS patients during the early epidemic. He was awarded a PhD in economics from the Wharton School for his work on the clinical and financial value of health information technology. Dr. Brailer lives in San Francisco with his spouse and two children.

My Sessions

Panel Discussion: Healthcare Shakeup – Solving Healthcare’s Challenges

The Golden Gate Club

Dr. David J. Brailer, Managing Partner, Health Evolution; Board Member, Walgreens Co. Dr. Warren Browner, CEO, California Pacific Medical Center Mr. Eric Rasmussen, CEO, Infinitum Humanitarian Systems Moderated by: Dr. Regis Kelly, Director, California Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)