David Milan

Assistant Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital; Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

David J. Milan, MD is a Physician-Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he is a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist and runs a research laboratory exploring fundamental mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias using stem cells and zebrafish models. He studied at Stanford University as an undergraduate, majoring in Chemistry. He attended Harvard Medical School for his MD degree, and trained at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for residency followed by fellowship in Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Data & Living Databases

The Golden Gate Club

IT and IoT are enabling the collection, integration, and analysis of health-related data. Coupled with innovations like iPS cells and next-generation DNA sequencing, the value and importance of data – as well as emerging ‘living’ databases – in medicine and healthcare are higher than ever before. Exciting companies and organizations such as Cellular Dynamics International, […]