Geoffrey Lomax

Senior Officer, CIRM Strategic Infrastructure, California Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Geoffrey Lomax is the Senior Officer for CIRM’s Strategic Infrastructure Program. The CIRM Infrastructure Program develops strategic assets to accelerated the delivery of therapies to patients with unmet medical needs. In this role, Dr. Lomax coordinates the implementation of the CIRM Alpha Clinics Network and CIRM Stem Cell Center. The Alpha Clinics are top California medical centers that deliver high-quality stem cell clinical trials. The Stem Cell Center is a CRO based in California with a dedicated focus on cell therapies. The Center provides strategic planning, regulatory, clinical operations and data management services to clinical trial sponsors. Dr. Lomax also facilitates the development of CIRM’s Medical and Ethical Standards.


Cell & Gene Therapy Enabling Innovations

The Golden Gate Club

In order for cell and gene therapeutics to be accessible, reliable enabling technologies and processes need to be established. Harvesting, manufacturing, sorting, banking, and delivering of cells, for example, are crucial steps in realizing regenerative medicine, as well as in reducing the costs of care. This session will showcase some of the innovative products and […]