Jack Coats

CEO, CardioWise, Inc.

Jack Coats is a senior executive and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in commercializing new technologies in medical devices and medical imaging.  Prior to joining CardioWise, he founded 3dMD and served as CEO, where he focused on applications of 3D surface imaging applications in surgical planning and radiation oncology.  That led to the formation of a medical imaging company that has a novel solution for image-guided radiation treatments called Vision RT, Ltd.  He designed the North American commercialization plan for the company and oversaw its implementation.  Today, Vision RT is the leader in surveillance, and respiratory gating for patients undergoing radiation treatments.  Previously, led the life sciences businesses at FEI Company and Xradia, both leaders in nanotechnology imaging, where he established them in the forefront of characterization of nanomaterials used in medicine.  As President of Nucletron Corporation, he formulated a groundbreaking strategy to introduce innovative products that enabled body-site specific treatments for breast, prostate, and rectal cancer.  As Vice President at Varian Medical Systems, Jack drove the development of the integrated systems solution and guided its highly successful market introduction.  Today he serves on the Boards of CardioWise and Vision RT and participates on the Advisory Board of the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association.