Jeanette Mucha

CEO & Co-founder, SciBac Inc.

Jeanette Mucha is the CEO and Co-founder of SciBac Inc. She did a proof of concept for SciBac’s core technology, DRIVE (Directed Recombination by In Vitro Evolution) in her Silicon Valley garage (2015) before moving the company to Molecular Science’s Institute in Milpitas, CA. DRIVE is a new, non-GMO way to mate different species of microbes in order to create hybrids that have the best survivability and therapeutic traits from both parents; SciBac’s bugs are designed to fight antimicrobial resistant pathogens in a sick gut or lung. Jeanette has thirteen years’ biotech research and development start-up experience in immunology and microbiology. She is a prolific inventor with four issued patents and numerous trade secrets in the areas of therapeutic vaccines, microbial strain improvement and fermentation. She secured seed funding from the Thiel Foundation’s Breakout Labs and has executed term sheets to with two large industrial companies for pilot strain improvement projects that will bring in over half a million dollars over the next 6 months and lead to out-licensing DRIVE for applications outside of human therapeutics. Jeanette is also an accomplished, long distance triathlete, completing eighteen 140.6 Ironman distance races including the 2009 World Championship.

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