Linda Marbán

President & CEO, Capricor Therapeutics

Dr. Linda Marbán, Co-founded Capricor Inc. in 2005 and has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2010. She combines her background in research with her business experience to lead Capricor and create a path to commercialization for its novel stem-cell cardiac therapies.

Dr. Marbán was the lead negotiator in procuring the license agreements that are the foundation of Capricor’s intellectual property portfolio. Under her direction, Capricor secured approximately $27.0 million in nondilutive grants and a loan award which funds Capricor’s R & D programs and clinical trials involving its CAP-1002 products.

Her deep knowledge of the cardiac space allows her to provide unique direction for the company’s development and growth.

From 2003-2009, Dr. Marbán was with Excigen Inc. where she was responsible for business development, operations, pre-clinical research, and supervising the development of gene therapy products in a joint development agreement with Genzyme Corp. She also negotiated a joint development and sublicense agreement with Medtronic Corp. utilizing Exigen’s technology and supervised the building of a lab in which the work was to be performed.

Dr. Marbán began her Ph.D career at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation working on the biophysical properties of cardiac muscle. She continued her work in a postdoctoral fellowship at John Hopkins University, or JHU. Dr. Marbán advanced to the rank of Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, where she focused on the mechanism of contractile dysfunction in heart failure. Her tenure at JHU ran from 2000 to 2003. Dr. Márban earned a Ph.D from Case West Reserve University in cardiac physiology.