Marie Csete

President & Chief Scientist, Huntington Medical Research Institutes

Dr. Marie Csete leads Pasadena’s only dedicated biomedical research institute, HMRI, with a mission of patient-focused multidisciplinary research. Her lab focuses on stem cell models of neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Csete held the John E. Steinhaus professorship in anesthesiology at Emory University and co-directed its MD/PhD program. She is former CSO of CIRM, and Division Director of Cellular Therapies at AABB.

Dr. Csete graduated from Princeton (music), then received her MD from Columbia, followed by fellowship training in internal medicine, infectious diseases, anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Tufts and Harvard. She later led the liver transplant anesthesiology teams at UCSF, UCLA and UCI, Michigan and Emory. After a sabbatical year at Caltech, she stayed on to earn a PhD there, where her dissertation was awarded the Clauser Prize, for the thesis with greatest potential to change a scientific discipline.  Dr. Csete is on the editorial boards of “Stem Cells Translational Medicine,” “Anesthesia and Analgesia,” and the “Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics,” a member of the FACT Regenerative Medicine Task Force focusing on standards for cell therapies and AHA grant review committees.  Dr. Csete is  Professor of Anesthesiology and Keck USC School of Medicine, and Visiting Associate in Medical Engineering at Caltech.