Naureen A. Shaikh

Executive Director, Mobile Medical Team International; CEO, Soluna Health Inc.

Naureen A. Shaikh, MD, FAAFP transitioned from treating and curing disease one patient at a time to 40,000 at a time through her local administration work. MMTI’s current project in Tanzania will grow to serve 250,000. And MMTI’s digital tools impacting +1 MM people. This year, she is leading the Team to build the first “net zero” impact health campus in Dar Es Salaam’s fastest growing urban slum. Dr. Shaikh is a global leader in human centered design and a regular participant at the Skoll World Forum, the American Academy of Family Medicine Global Health Workshops, Innovation and Precision Medicine forums.
From her start as a child in a large immigrant family in rural Michigan, Dr. Shaikh went on to obtain triple honors degrees at the University of Michigan, a Medical Degree at Rush, and ABFM Diplomacy at Tufts University. She was an awarded teacher at Tufts, Harvard and Stanford Schools of Medicine. She received the Doctor of the Year award in 2013 from the California Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Shaikh is the past chair of Family Medicine for Marin General Hospital.