Robin Y. Smith

CEO, Orig3n

Robin Y. Smith brings over 20 years of startup, science, and entrepreneurial experience to ORIG3N. In his previous roles as founder of three successful enterprises, Robin returned over 78% IRR to investors at two VC-backed companies. As the global head of R&D for PerkinElmer, he managed teams as large as 500 people. Robin is a visionary and strategist who is passionate about building high-energy startup organizations.

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Data & Living Databases

The Golden Gate Club

IT and IoT are enabling the collection, integration, and analysis of health-related data. Coupled with innovations like iPS cells and next-generation DNA sequencing, the value and importance of data – as well as emerging ‘living’ databases – in medicine and healthcare are higher than ever before. Exciting companies and organizations such as Cellular Dynamics International, […]