Scott Sneddon

President & CEO, Sharp Edge Labs

Scott Sneddon is the CEO of Sharp Edge Labs, Inc. a drug discovery company focused on protein trafficking disorders caused by genetic mutation.  The company’s trafficking biosensor technology enables industry-scale compound screening of cellular trafficking with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.  The company has programs in neurodegeneration (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s), muscular dystrophy, and non-opioid pain.  Scott holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry & Biophysics from Carnegie-Mellon University, a J.D. from Columbia University Law School and has over 20 years experience in the drug discovery industry, having previously held leadership positions at Pfizer and Genzyme. At Pfizer Dr. Sneddon was a member of the New Leads Discovery group under Fred Vinick. He then went to Genzyme with Fred to help establish Genzyme’s small molecule drug discovery program. There he led the Assay Development and High Throughput Screening group and was a pioneer in implementing high-throughput functional cellular assays for primary drug screening (before such a thing was fashionable).

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Data & Living Databases

The Golden Gate Club

IT and IoT are enabling the collection, integration, and analysis of health-related data. Coupled with innovations like iPS cells and next-generation DNA sequencing, the value and importance of data – as well as emerging ‘living’ databases – in medicine and healthcare are higher than ever before. Exciting companies and organizations such as Cellular Dynamics International, […]