Takanori Takebe

Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Yokohama City University; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Takanori Takebe graduated from the Yokohama City University School of Medicine in 2011, after spells as a researcher at the Scripps Research Institute Department of Chemistry (US) in 2009 and as an intern at the Columbia University Department of Transplantation Surgery (US) in 2010. The same year, he became a Research Associate at Yokohama City University. Within three years, he had published a number of exceptional pioneering works in the field of organ generation from iPS cells, proposing a new transplant approach to combat intractable organ failure – stem cell-derived organ bud transplantation therapy. Concurrently, he held a joint appointment as a researcher at Mirai Design Lab sponsored by Dentsu to establish a new field, termed ‘Advertising Medicine,’ to study the role of communication in the next-generation healthcare system. He has successfully administered more than six nationally funded projects as PI. His recent appointment as Associate Professor at age 26 made him one of the youngest faculty members ever in Japan. His areas of expertise are Regenerative Medicine and Advertising Medicine.