Uta Grieshammer

Scientific Program Director, California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine

The California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM) is a partnership between the state, the University of California, and other public and private entities. Its aim is to help build infrastructure and assemble the resources necessary to advance precision medicine-oriented data, tools and applications in California. As the scientific program director for CIAPM, Uta Grieshammer is responsible for designing and implementing peer review processes, overseeing the execution of patient-focused demonstration projects, organizing workshops and other convening activities, and developing an inventory of precision medicine assets in California.

Uta received her PhD in Biochemistry from Boston University. She is a developmental biologist with research expertise in stem cell biology and the mechanisms of organ formation. Prior to joining CIAPM, she served close to 8 years as a science officer at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the State’s stem cell agency, managing a portfolio of stem cell grants, developing requests for applications and communicating stem cell concepts and clinical advances to diverse audiences.

My Sessions

Panel Discussion: Precision Medicine – The Power of Data

The Golden Gate Club