Amy DuRoss

Executive Director, New Business Creation, GE Ventures

Amy DuRoss focuses on healthcare new business creation for GE Ventures/healthymagination. In addition to venture investments, she is driving growth strategy for new business creation portfolio companies as well as scoping and seeding independent business opportunities. She was Chief Business Officer at Navigenics, a genomics company sold to Life Technologies in 2012. She was the co-founder and Executive Director of Proposition 71, California’s $3B stem cell research initiative passed in 2004, as well as Chief of Staff at the resulting state grant oversight agency. Earlier in her career, she was an early employee at E-Loan, Inc., the first online consumer mortgage company, with that company through its IPO. She also worked for the World Bank Group to scale and deliver leapfrog technologies to developing economies. She holds an MBA and MA/BA in English from Stanford University. She was also a Coro Fellow and an Aspen Institute Socrates Fellow.